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SALTO XS4 Original+ model EURO is a smart lock that will impress you with its narrow design solution, the highest quality materials, the latest technology and elegant design.
It is easy to install, program and operate. This EURO model is designed to suit
to most European profile door and mortise lock standards.
XS4 Original+ supports EM door opening
RFID technology, Bluetooth, mobile application, remote control.

Our company ACS Solution has become a business partner of SALTO. Thanks to our joint cooperation, we can offer you great door locking products and  access systems. In the field of access systems, we offer a wide range of contactless RFID  systems and solutions, intended especially for apartments, administrative buildings, production halls, but also hotels, etc..

SALTO Access Systems  provide you  reliable wireless electronic locking and access control smart solutions. Using the SALTO system will offer you a smoother, more comfortable and safer everyday life. Thanks to the use of SALTO Access Systems, you can safely and conveniently replace mechanical keys with electronic ones ones on a large scale.

We are specialists in access systems.

In case of any questions, contact us by email at: office@acssolution.cz or by using the contact form.

We will be happy to advise you and propose customized access system solutions for you.









  • Simple installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames.
  • Body and escutcheon made of steel.
  • Available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs (override European and Cam profile cylinder) with audit trail facility available.
  • Mechanical or electronic privacy option.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock).
  • Complementary escutcheons without reader available to maintain the aesthetics of doors that do not need to be controlled.
  • Covers door thicknesses: From 32mm up to 120mm.
  • Dimensions: 282mm x 40mm x 20mm.
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • Batteries: 3 AAA-Batterien (LR03 1,5 V)
  • Number of openings with one set of batteries: 40.000 till 60.000 
  • Number of logging: Max. 2000 (depending on programming type, can be switched off)
  • Outside temperature range -35 to +60 °C, without condensation.
  • Inside temperature range -5 to +50 °C, non-condensing, optionally -35 to +60 °C
  • IP class For indoor use, optional
    IP55 (outer shield)
  • Certifications 5) CE, AbZ 6), EN 179 6), EN 1634 6),
    UL-10C 7), DDA 8)
  • Reversible handle left or right escutcheon.
  • Clutch mechanism escutcheon; when unlocked handle moves freely.
  • Handle rotation: 33º.
  • Distance from the handle to the cylinder: 47mm to 110mm.
  • Compatible with DIN and European mortise locks, mortise locks with Swiss profile cylinder, Australian standard mortise locks and narrow style mortise lock.
  • Compatible with European profile and Swiss profile cylinders.
  • Square spindles available: 7mm, 7.6mm split (Australia), 8mm, 8mm split (Euro & ANSI), 9mm and 9mm split.
  • Others:
    Compatible with DIN, Euro and narrow mortise locks. Suitable for mortise locks with a deviating follower angle position of max. 4°.
    Stainless steel hardware body and cover. Always open from the inside
    possible (anti-panic function in connection with mortise lock according to EN 179
    optionally possible 6)). Including door status detector in the wireless version. All communication with EM4xx is encrypted. Emergency opening with portable
    Programming device (PPD) or emergency power device EPS100
  • Reader color: white or black
  • Fitting surfaces:  Matt/polished stainless steel, brass
    matt/polished (PVD), dark bronze (PVD), black, BioCote®
  • ACCESORIES – BASE PLATE : Can be used as a renovation sign or weather protection kit

Standard • A

Standard Office / New Office – AN / •A
Office time-limited • A

Automatic opening •A

Media-controlled •A

Media-controlled time-limited •A

Door code only –NA

Door code time-limited – NA

Medium + PIN –NA

Medium + PIN time-limited –NA

Automatic opening + Office •A

Automatic opening + media-controlled • A

Automatic change • A

Automatic change (2-person Rule) •A

Leave open after exit • A

Media driven + Leave open after exit• A


• A : Applicable, –NA: Not applicable

If you are looking for a specific access solution or need advice about our product portfolio, contact us by email at office@acssolution.cz or call our sales department at +420 776 784 744.

Our offer includes specialist services at a professional level, starting with consultation, orientation and assembly of our products to the delivery of complex, tailored solutions. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare an appropriate price offer.