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       ACS-HU-CODE is a new product from a series of access systems, intended especially for administrative buildings, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, family houses, etc.

      It will impress you with its narrow, elegant design, modern European style, and reliable technology with an encryption function, where you can add random numbers -before and -after the correct numerical lock code to unlock.

     This electronic system from ACS Solution is completely independent of the mortise lock, so it can be used on existing doors with a mortise lock with a pitch of 72mm or 85mm, without the need for extensive modifications to the door.

      ACS-HU-CODE offers 10 access levels, each with 10 users. A 4 to 8-digit numeric code can be used. ACS-HU-CODE is a great access system solution for operations where the use of access cards and other media is not appropriate.

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