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Intelligent safe deposit box ACS-S5
Smart safe ACS-S3
Smart safe ACS-S2
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We’re excited to introduce the latest additions to our product portfolio: TTLock smart safes and delivery box. Specifically, our smart safes, the ACS-S3, and ACS-S2, are designed to store valuable items such as documents and possessions securely. 

Our intelligent TTLock delivery box, the ACS-S5, is specifically designed to ensure the secure reception of package deliveries.




Smart TTLock delivery box ACS-S5 is designed for receiving and securing package deliveries, incorporating technologies like e.g one-time passwords, eKey... and TTLock app compatibility to enhance security and convenience in package retrieval.



Smart safe ACS-S3 is primarily designed for securing valuable items such as documents and valuable possessions. The safe is equipped with advanced features like the TTLock app controlling electronic locks and connectivity.



Smart safe ACS-S3 is primarily designed for securing valuable items such as documents and valuable possessions. The safe is equipped with advanced features like the TTLock app controlling electronic locks and connectivity.



The Outdoor Safe One-time Password TTlock App Package Delivery Drop Box Smart Delivery Box ACS-S5 is a secure and convenient storage solution designed for package deliveries. It incorporates technology such as one-time passwords and compatibility with the TTlock app to enhance security and access control.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Package Delivery: The outdoor safe serves as a designated drop-off point for package deliveries. Couriers or delivery personnel can securely place packages inside the box.

  2. One-time Password: The use of one-time passwords adds an extra layer of security. Recipients receive a unique code that allows them to unlock the smart delivery box and retrieve their packages. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

  3. TTlock App Compatibility: The TTlock app provides additional features and control over the smart delivery box. Users can manage access, monitor deliveries, and receive notifications through the app.

  4. Weather Resistance: Since it’s designed for outdoor use, the smart delivery box is weather-resistant to protect packages from rain or other environmental factors.

ACS-S5 is a smart delivery box, which provides a secure and efficient way to receive packages, especially in situations where the recipient may not be at home to personally receive the delivery.



The ACS-S3 is a smart safe, designed for modern security needs. The product has been professionally designed, considering materials, interiors, safety levels, and user experience.

Everywhere is a detail:

1. Inductive LED Light: Ensures visibility in low-light conditions.
2. 20mm Solid Round Locking Bolts: All-steel, solid, and thickened for sturdy and pry-resistant security.
3. Moisture-Resistant Carpet Upholstery: Provides protection against moisture for stored items.
4. Built-in Battery Box: Accommodates 4 AA batteries for reliable power supply.
5. Generate Multiple Types of Unlocking: eKey, Password, IC Card, Mechanical key.
6. Small Size x Large Capacity: Dimensions: L420 x W360 x D190. Suitable for storing passports, certificates, cash, jewelry, 15-inch laptops, digital products, personal documents, and more.
7. Solid Cylindrical Locking Bolt: All-steel, solid, and thickened, making it sturdy and not easy to pry open.
8. Thickened Cold Rolled Steel Casting: Rock-solid, providing more comprehensive guarding.Features solid 4mm thickened door panels.
9. Heat-resistant.
10. TTlock APP Functions:
– Power Display
– Touch to Unlock Function
– Hold to Lock Function
– Create or Delete User Information (passwords/cards)
– Authorized Admin
– Check Operation Logs
– Multi-language Support
– More System Settings

In summary, the ACS-S3 combines cutting-edge technology, intelligent design, and comprehensive security to redefine the safeguarding of valuables in the digital age.



This intelligent safe ACS-S2 will impress you with its features such as:

6 Unlocking Methods:

  1. APP Remote Control
  2. Password Unlock
  3. IC Card Unlock
  4. Key Unlock
  5. Electronic Key Unlock
  6. Temporary Code Unlock

User password (4-9 digits) for unlocking. Management password (6-9 digits) for unlocking.

Intelligent Double Alarm:

  • Enter the wrong password 3 times: The system issues an emergency alarm and locks the password for 5 minutes
  • 3TIMES: Password trial and error
  • 5MIN: Password screen lock status
  • 1S: Real-time push alert message

Automatic Electronic Lock:

  • Locks automatically after the set time
  • Set the time to close the cabinet door automatically

Real Material Cut and Pry Resistance:

  • 20mm double solid all-steel locking bolt
  • All-steel solid lock bolt: strong and hard to pry apart

Product Details:

  1. Emergency Key Unlocking: In case of a dead battery, use a key to open the cabinet door
  2. LED Lighting: Illuminates the internal valuables when the safe is opened
  3. 4PCS AA Alkaline Battery: Long battery life, low power consumption, low battery reminder

Real-Time Recording:

  • All unlock records are transferred to the app in real-time
  • Details include how the lock was opened, who unlocked the door, and when it was accessed

Share Password Anywhere:

  • Generate multiple types of passwords for remote access
  1. One-time Password: Expires after use
  2. Recurring Password: Recyclable for a specified time
  3. Limited Password: Multiple use within a specified period
  4. Permanent Password: At least 1 use in 24 hours or expires
  • Advanced 4-in-1 outdoor high-quality safe deposit box.
  • Unlock Methods: Password + App + IC card + Key.
  • Large size = Large storage capacity. 550x550x700mm.
  •  Seamless control through an all-in-one app TTLock.
  • Remote unlocking and locking via a single touch or long press.
  • Real-time unlock record.
  • Tracking for enhanced security.
  • Lower power consumption for energy efficiency.
  • Battery: 4 AA Alkaline batteries.
  • Battery Life: 10,000 normal unlocks.
  • USB charging port for emergency power supply.
  • Material – Steel plate construction for durability.
  • Temperature Range: applicable for -20 to 65 °C.
  • Possibility to unlock the express cabinet with the phone via eKey.
  • Possibility to share the temporary password to facilitate the delivery.



  • Unlock ways: Smartphone + password + card + key
  • Type of password: 1. permanent 2. timed 3. one-time 4. recurring 5. custom
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + Iron
  • Battery supply: 4pcs CR2 alkaline batteries
  • APP name: TTlock/Tuya app
  • Color: Black
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Size: L420xW360xH190mm
  • Support OS: IOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
  • Working temperature: -20~70℃
  • Working humidity: 10%~95%



  • Material: Aluminium alloy + Iron
  • Color: Black
  • Plate size: L410xW360xH190mm
  • Power Supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries
  • USB Back up power: yes
  • Space for any valuables storage: passport 15-inch laptop, cameras, jewelry documents, cash, hard drives, other valuables…
  • APP:
    – language: supports English, Russian, Spanish and other languages
    – authorized administrator.
    – remote control
  • Unlocking way: App, Password, Card or Key
  • Type of password: 1. permanent 2. timed 3. one-time 4. recurring 5. custom
  • Usage: can be used in hotels / at home.

The use of our smart safes and deposit boxes enhances security, offers convenience, and provides additional features that cater to the evolving needs of users seeking advanced protection for their valuables.

Smart safes and deposit boxes offer several advantages over traditional counterparts.

Here are some key uses and advantages:

Enhanced Security:

  • Advanced Locking Mechanisms: Smart safes often incorporate sophisticated electronic locks, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.

Remote Monitoring and Control:

  • Mobile Apps: Users can monitor and control smart safes remotely through dedicated mobile applications, providing real-time updates on the status of the safe or deposit box.
  • Remote Locking/Unlocking. The ability to lock or unlock the safe remotely adds convenience and flexibility.
  • User Authentication Options.

Multiple Access Methods: Our smart safes typically support various access methods, such as PIN codes, RFID cards, electronic keys (eKeys), and mobile app access, allowing users to choose the most convenient option.

Audit Trails and Monitoring:

  • Access Logs: Smart safes maintain detailed access logs, enabling users to review a history of who accessed the safe, when, and for how long. This feature enhances accountability and security.

Customizable Access Permissions:

  • User Profiles: Administrators can create and manage user profiles with specific access permissions, restricting or granting access to different individuals based on their roles or responsibilities.

Emergency Access:

  • Backup Key or Code: In the event of technical issues or emergencies, smart safes often provide a backup solution such as an emergency key or access code.

Integration with Other Systems:

  • Connectivity: Smart safes may integrate with other security systems or smart home devices, allowing for a seamless security infrastructure.

Deterrence and Prevention:

  • Visible Technology: The presence of advanced technology in smart safes can act as a deterrent, discouraging potential thieves or unauthorized users.
    Notification Alerts:
  • Real-Time Alerts: Users can receive instant notifications or alerts in case of any suspicious activity, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Time-Saving and Convenience
  • Quick Access: With various authentication methods, users can access their belongings quickly without the need for physical keys.

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