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New to our range of smart locks, you will find the ACS-TD-C1F smart cabinet lock equipped with the latest TTlock technologies for electronic access, including online wireless communication and encrypted data transmission. It uses advanced technology that allows you to manage the locking and unlocking of cabinet doors through the TTlock app. This lock will amaze you with its excellent functions and features. It will convince you with its high quality construction. The panel is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass. It is impact and scratch resistant. Stainless steel latch and ABS plastic lock body ensure durability and corrosion resistance. This smart lock offers several unlocking methods: TTlock app, fingerprint, password and card.

“Our company, ACS Solution s.r.o, can offer you excellent products. In the field of access systems, we provide a wide range of contactless RFID systems and solutions designed primarily for apartments, office buildings, manufacturing halls, factories, shops, as well as hotels, wellness facilities, fitness and aquaparks, and entertainment centers. Additionally, our solutions are suitable for schools and libraries.”

In our offer, you will find a new product, the cabinet lock ACS-TD-C1F with TTlock functionality – an electronic lock system with a chip designed for controlling access primarily to lockers, but also drawers, storage cabinets, changing room cubicles, first aid kits, etc. This wardrobe lock offers several unlocking methods including the TTlock application, fingerprint, password, and card.

We specialize in access systems and locking solutions.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at: office@acssolution.cz or by using the contact form.

We would be happy to advise you and propose a customized access system solution.”




Intelligent cabinet lock ACS-TD-C1F

4 ways to unlock:
TTlock application
Product list



Intelligent cabinet lock ACS-TD -C1F

Excellent functions and features.
High quality of construction.
Impact and scratch resistant.
Durable and corrosion resistant.

Product list



Intelligent cabinet lock ACS-TD-C1F

You can also open the cabinet lock remotely via the TTlock application.
No software is needed,
the RFID key is set directly on the lock.
Low voltage warning: <4.8V.
After the warning, the lock can still be opened about 100 times.



  • 4 types of control: a) TTlock application b) fingerprint c) password d) card.
  • 32-bit virtual password entry: This feature provides additional security by allowing a long virtual password entry to prevent unauthorized access.
  • On-line function, wireless.
  • Elegant design, intuitive operation.
  • Maintenance-free “low consumption technology”.
  • Simple retrofitting of existing cabinets.
  • No wiring.
  • Lock for a cabinet (wardrobe) with RFID locking system.
  • No software is needed, the RFID key is set directly on the lock.
  • Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, lasts 5-10 months.
  • Equipped with 6V interface for external power supply.
  • The cabinet lock works with the G2 gateway, which connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to manage the lock from anywhere.
  • This smart wardrobe lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and smart watches.
  • You will be impressed by the high quality of the construction.
  • The panel is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass, which makes it impact resistant and hard to scratch.
  • The panel is made of high hardness A5 diamond grade glass for extra durability.
  • The stainless steel inner part and ABS plastic lock body ensure durability and corrosion resistance.
  • The big advantage of this wardrobe lock is the emergency power supply with a micro USB port for emergency power. In case the battery runs out, you can charge it with a power bank.
  • Usage: Gym, office, home, school, hospital.
  • Unlocking with one card or two cards.
  • Optional function of not locking automatically.
  • Material: Zinc.
  • Color: Silver / Black.
  • Working temperature: -30℃ to 80℃.
  • Dimensions in mm: L145.0 / W63.5 / H22.0.
  • Working humidity: 20% – 95%.
  • Reading time: less than 1s.
  • Card frequency: 13.56MHz.
  • Low voltage warning: <4.8V, still can open about 100 times.
  • Power supply: 4 pcs 1.5V LR6 AA alkaline batteries, DC6V (with external power supply).

If you are looking for a specific access solution or need advice about our product portfolio, contact us by email at office@acssolution.cz or call our sales department at +420 776 784 744.

Our offer includes expert services at a professional level, starting with consultation, orientation and assembly of our products to the delivery of comprehensive, tailor-made solutions. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare an appropriate price offer.